Windlight with wooden bar and glass with ring.
from 16,50 €
Mini-Carrier made of oak wood, with a notch for espresso cups. Cups also available.
from 9,90 €
Bar with metal spear for garden lightening
69,00 € *
BBQ Forks for meat and vegetables. Washable in the dishwasher.
24,95 € *
Design bottle opener made of stainless steal. A Black Forest made product.
11,00 € *
Bottle Opener for outside. Made of stainless steel. With a red hat and lazered face.
18,95 € *
Windlicht with metal bar, glass and wooden plate.
25,95 € *
Dekoration für drinnen. Degovogel Johann wird im 3er Set aus Ahorn oder Nussbaum geliefert.
24,95 € *
Light House made of douglas fir. With acryl windows to open. Roof made of stainless steel.
179,00 € *
Kaminholzregal aus geschwärztem Stahl. In zwei verschiedenen Größen erhältlich. In 90 Grad geschweißt. Für Innen und Außenbereich.
115,00 € *
Candle holder made of steel. With space for matches.
27,90 € *
Watch holder in Kuckucks Clock shape.
88,00 € *
Let us introduce to you a journey to the heart of the Black Forest. Bernau in Black Forest.
Experience the art of selling reduced design - 100% made in Black Forest.